MS Falcon Tooling Inc. has grown to be a full service manufacturing company, offering a wide range of processes and services to a diverse group of customers

From in-house designs to finished electronic, aerospace, automotive, and consumer products, MS Falcon Tooling Inc. continually strives to offer competitive pricing and on-time delivery while maintaining stringent standards of quality.

Statistical process control techniques are used throughout the manufacturing facilities as required, and the quality system implemented has successfully attained ISO 9001:2000.
What we offer:

  • Tooling facility.
  • 10,000 square feet area.
  • High Precision Machinery.
  • Prime Toronto location.
  • In house design and manufacture.

Company Policy

At MSF Tooling we are dedicated to the combined growth and development of our customers as well as our facilities and service by anticipating the need of the industry through the insight and innovation of our company members.